Please feel free to browse but We can only accept your orders if placed through your friendly group leader near you! Now with more than 40 group leaders islandwide for your convenient collection!

Step 1: Find the nearest location to you and know your group buy leader. He/she may have special deals for you. 

List of Group Leaders at

Step 2: Browse products on our site.

Step 3: Place order with your group buy leader (We are not accepting direct orders at this time) -Please feel free to ask group buy leader to share with you if you cannot take the full carton, for carton items 

Step 4: Collect your purchases from your group buy leader on Tuesday or Friday. 


Fruit Club Collection days:

Order by Wednesday for Friday self collect 

Order by Sunday for Tuesday self collect  (May need longer time for Japanese fruits) 

Other Suppliers - Lead Time: 1 week, also Tue/Fri collection


We source for good deals for our customers, and provide an income opportunity for our group buy leaders.